Consolidating the concept of coexisting safely with diabetics by adopting a better lifestyle for children and their families.

Our Mission

We believe we can save more lives

From the womb of suffering with this disease and in order to relieve the children of the Gaza Strip the pain and complications of this chronic disease

Support Them

Heath, Psychological and social support

Awareness and education

Increasing awareness and knowledge of diabetes in children

We Help

children with diabetes with psychosocial support to alleviate their pain.
We Help

We Educate

children and their families about diabetes to avoid its problems.
We Educate

We Provide

health and social services for children with diabetes as much we can.
We Provide

We Draw

a smile on the faces of children with diabetes to live better life.
We Draw
Question & Answers

We inspire and help them live better

between the family and the institutions of the local, Arab and international community to alleviate the burdens suffered by children with diabetes, especially the health, psychological and material burdens.

of diabetes in children and their families and its problems.

Join your hand with us for a better life and future

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